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The Schulz Report

The Schulz Report
on Benke - Yankee Stadium


Table of Contents

As provided by Rev. Dr. Wallace Schulz for the sake of the Church

ďIf the Panelís decision is permitted to stand unchallenged, its impact will reach
far beyond the Benke case, fundamentally changing our Synod and leading
it to resolve spiritual issues on the basis of menís opinions rather than Godís Word.Ē
- Dr. Wallace Schulz, official letter to LCMS Secretary Raymond Hartwig, May 11, 2003

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While Rev. David Benke mobilized his defense, Dr. Wallace Schulz carefully and faithfully fulfilled the responsibilities that the Synod had laid upon him according to the Synodís official processes. On June 25, 2002 he completed his investigation, finding all charges against Benke to be substantiated in fact, and placed Benke on suspended status. Within a month, Benke appealed. Soon thereafter, Schulz was summarily dismissed from Lutheran Hour Ministries, which had recently honored him for a quarter century of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ on its nationally recognized radio broadcasts.

The long process continued with many more meetings, mounting piles of correspondence, behind-the-scenes intrigue, and extensive testimony from Benke defenders, synodical officials, and theology professors. Throughout that long process, Dr. Schulz remained publicly silent. On April 10, 2003 the Dispute Resolution Panel assigned to the matter unanimously reversed Benkeís suspension.

Schulz had 30 days to appeal. He did not. On May 11, 2002, LCMS Secretary Raymond Hartwig officially closed the Benke matter following receipt of a letter from Dr. Schulz, which read in part:

I strongly disagree with the Panelís decision to lift the suspension of Dr. David Benke, but I will not appeal the decision. Our Synod has been through enough of this process. Our Synod has also become deeply divided over this issue. Past experience shows that one party repeatedly has violated the prohibition against publicity in this case. Therefore, any meaningful appeal process would be useless, if not impossible, since these violations would surely continue.

The very next day, at Dr. Schulzís request, his entire report on the matter assigned to him by the LCMS Praesidium was made available online for the sake of the church.

Table of Contents
The Main Report

Download the Entire Main Report (recommended)


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The Main Report Contains the Following: 

The Official Letter by Schulz to LCMS Secretary Hartwig (May 11, 2003):   Dispute Resolution Panel Sets Aside Word of God 


The Schulz Response to the Dispute Resolution Panel and, as adjudicator in this case, his response to the CTCR and CCM decision rendered after the Newark hearing (May 11, 2003)


Testimony of Rev. Wallace Schulz Given to the Dispute Resolution Panel at Newark, NJ (January 13-14, 2003)

Download all of the documentation contained in the Schulz Report in one large PDF file (485 Pages, 10.6 MG) PDF

Right click on the above link, and then select the "Save Target As" option.  You can then choose the destination on your computer where you would like to save it.  This document contains the Main Report as well as all of the Appendices with active internal hyperlinks.  The bookmark tab on the upper right of the document can be used for a helpful table of contents. WARNING: This file is enormous as it contains everything on this site.  It will take approximately 3-5 minutes to download using high speed internet access and perhaps one hour using a typical dial-up connection.


Indexed by Author

Appendix A Mayor Rudy Guiliani Press Release stating that Yankee Stadium was a worship service PDF
Appendix B Rev. Joel Baseley's Letter and Charges PDF
Appendix C Rev. Joel Brondos' Group Letter and Charges PDF
Appendix D Rev. James Bauer's Group Charges  PDF
Appendix E Pagosa Springs, CO (Bolland) Letter and Charges  PDF
Appendix F Lamb of God, Pleasant Prairie, WI Letter and Charges PDF
Appendix G Christ, Sioux Falls (SD) Letter and Charges PDF
Appendix H Benke's World Wide Web Defense  PDF
Appendix I-1 Fellowship Study Materials: Resolution 3-07A   PDF
Appendix I-2 Fellowship Study Materials: Study Materials (pdf only) PDF
Appendix I-3 Fellowship Study Materials: A Report on Synodical Discussions PDF
Appendix J Schulz Correspondence with Benke and Complainants  (separate list of appendices)   
Appendix K Benke Letter to Schulz (March 29, 2002) & Benke Letter canceling April 2-3, 2002 Mtg. PDF
Appendix L Visualized Explanation of Controversial CTCR Paragraphs PDF
Appendix M Flow-Chart of Document Development (pdf only) PDF
Appendix N Kieschnick Memo saying that he based his decision solely on a Synodical Resolution & not God's Word (May 20, 2002) PDF
Appendix O Visual Parsing of Resolution 3-07A (pdf only) PDF
Appendix P God's Word Always "Trumps," demonstrated  by cards     (pdf only) PDF
Appendix Q Benke's Seven Point Statement Made at May 21-22, 2002 St. Louis Meeting saying he would not discuss the complainants' charges PDF
Appendix R Public Prayer in Scripture PDF
Appendix S Wollenburg warning the COP of using Dispute Resolution on doctrinal matters PDF
Appendix T Cardinal O'Connor's October 21, 1998 Letter to Benke encouraging the LCMS to take the Pope's Advice PDF
Appendix U Benke's May 2, 2002 E-mail to Schulz with "Two Kingdoms" documents and admission of syncretism PDF
Appendix V Benke Letter to Schulz (May 7, 2002) PDF
Appendix W Letter and First Opinion Sent to Benke (June 25, 2002) PDF
Appendix X CTS - Fort Wayne "Pastoral Response to Sept. 11 Events" PDF
Appendix Y CCM says Matthew 18 does not apply in this case  PDF
Appendix Z C-Span Official Transcript of Yankee Stadium "A Prayer for America" PDF
Appendix AA Bauer - Bolland - Brondos on May 21-22, 2002 Reconciliation Meeting PDF
Appendix BB Roger Gallup Assessment of Resolution 3-07A PDF
Appendix CC Bohlmann's Phoenix Speech with Schulz Response PDF
Appendix DD Kathy Schulz's May 21-22, 2002 St. Louis Meeting Notes PDF
Appendix EE Benke's Portland Speech: "Social Ministry and Church Fellowship" (Portland Free Conference, January 19, 2000) PDF
Appendix FF Bauer's Address to Rocky Mtn. District Pastor's Conference PDF
Appendix GG Elijah - Jesus - Paul - Benke Chart PDF
Appendix HH Warning Back in 1983: CTCR Documents are only Opinions PDF
Appendix II David Adam's Second Paper, "The Anonymous God"        (pdf only) PDF
Appendix JJ Kieschnick Materials (December 2, 2002) PDF
Appendix KK LCMS News "More Alike Than Not" Chatter PDF
Appendix LL David Adam's First Paper, "The Church in the Public Square" (pdf only) PDF
Appendix MM CCM Ruling - Doctrinal Resolutions - Not for Discipline PDF
Appendix NN Outline of LCMS Constitution, Annotated to show how Article XIII relates to Articles II & VI (pdf only) PDF
Appendix OO Only Doctrinal Statements, not resolutions, can be used to settle controversy PDF
Appendix PP CCM Opinion regarding relationship between Doctrinal Resolutions and Doctrinal Statements PDF
Appendix QQ David Benke e-mail to the Dispute Resolution Panel (January 10, 2003) PDF
Appendix RR Decision of Dispute Resolution Panel (April 10, 2003) PDF
Appendix SS Kieschnick's Presentation to the Dispute Resolution Panel PDF
Appendix TT Nafzger's Presentation to the Dispute Resolution Panel and Attachments PDF
Appendix TT-1 Attachment to Nafzger Presentation PDF
Appendix UU Articles of the Constitution of the LC-MS (pdf only) PDF
Appendix VV Benke Letter of April 29, 2003 Stating Benke's Desire to Issue a Joint Statement with Wallace Schulz following the Decision of the Dispute Resolution Panel PDF
Appendix WW Testimony Dr. David Adams Presented to the Dispute Resolution Panel PDF
Appendix XX CCM Opinion Dated January 20-21, 2003 Regarding Consequences of Action Taken Upon Approval of Ecclesiastical Supervisor PDF
Appendix YY CTCR Rulings and Minority Reports PDF
Appendix ZZ Dr. Kurt Marquart's Presentation to the Dispute Resolution Panel PDF
Appendix AAA Nafzger March 21, 2002 Letter to Schulz, Confusing the Issue PDF
Appendix BBB Schulz Response to Benke Letter of April 29, 2003  PDF
Appendix CCC   Pastor Benke Refuses Matthew 18 Attempt Early in Process (Baseley Correspondence) PDF
Appendix CCC-1   Additional Benke Refusal demonstrating use of form letter by Benke to respond to Matthew 18 inquiries by complainants (Wurst Correspondence, pdf only) PDF
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